Past Anaheim City Officials

Incorporation of the City of Anaheim in 1870

The California Legislature passed at the 18th Session (1869-1870) an act for the incorporation of the City of Anaheim, approved February 10, 1870.
1870 Mayor Max Strobel
1871 Mayor Henry Kroeger
1872 Mayor Henry Kroeger


Charter revoked by act of Legislature approved March 7, 1872, repealed. The City of Anaheim was on the 6th day of December 1876, duly incorporated under act of the Legislature of the State of California, approved April 9, 1856 by the Board of Supervisors of Los Angeles County.
1876 President John Fischer
1877 President Theodore Reiser
1878 President L.W. Kirby
1879 President B.F. Seibert
1880 President B.F. Seibert
1881 President B. Dreyfus
1882 President B. Dreyfus
1883 President J.P. Zeyn
1884 President F.A. Korn
1885 President R.J. Northam
1886 President R.J. Northam
1887 President A. Rimpau
1888 President Frank Ey

Anaheim Becoming a City of the 6th Class

Reorganization of the town of Anaheim to become a city of the 6th class under the General Laws of the State of California, carried at an election held in the town of Anaheim, Monday, the 4th day of June, 1888, in accordance with an Act of the Legislature approved March 13, 1883.
1888 Election
June 4, 1888
1888 President Frank Ey
1890 President Theodore Reiser
1892 President W.A. Witte
1894 President Charles O. Rust
1896 President Charles O. Rust
1898 President Charles O. Rust
1900 President Joseph Helmson
1902 President Julius J. Schneider
1904 President Charles O. Rust
1906 President Charles O. Rust
1908 President Charles O. Rust
1910 President Charles O. Rust
1912 President Max Nebelung
1914 President John H. Cook
1916 President Julius Schneider
1918 President John J. Dwyer
1920 President William Stark
1922 President William Stark
1924 President E.H. Metcalf
1925 Recall Election February 3, 1925
President Perry W. Mathis
1926 President Perry W. Mathis resigned,Carl F. Leonard Elected.
1928 President Louis E. Miller
1930 Mayor Louis E. Miller
1932 Mayor Fred H. Koesel
1934 Mayor Charles H. Mann
1936 Mayor Charles H. Mann
1938 Mayor Charles H. Mann
1940 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1942 Election April 14, 1942
Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1944 Election
April 11, 1944 
1946 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1946 Election
April 9, 1946

Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1948 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1950 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1952 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1954 Election
April 13, 1954 

Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1956 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1958 Mayor Charles A. Pearson
1959 Mayor Charles A. Pearson resigned, A.J. Schutte Elected
1960 Mayor A.J. Schutte
1962 Mayor Rector L. Coons
1964 Mayor Rector L. Coons
1964/1965 Mayor Odra Chandler
1965/1968 Mayor Fred T. Krein
1968/1969 Mayor Cal Pebley
1969/1970 Mayor Ralph Clark
1970/1976 Mayor Jack Dutton
1976/1978 Mayor W.J. "Bill" Thom
1978/1982 Mayor John Seymour
1982/1986 Mayor Don Roth
1986/1988 Mayor Ben Bay
1988/1992 Mayor Fred Hunter
1992/2002 Mayor Tom Daly
2002/2010 Mayor Curt Pringle
2010/2018 Mayor Tom Tait
2018/Present Mayor Harry Sidhu