Elementary School Programs

Discovery Science Cube

Through a partnership with Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC), we provide grade-specific water education classes, field trips, and teacher workshops through the Discovery Science Cube in Santa Ana. The curriculum for 1st through 5th graders covers basic facts about the water cycle, water treatment, water storage and water recycling. The program is designed to help youngsters appreciate water as our most precious natural resource. They will learn how they can help protect it through pollution prevention and water conservation. Teachers are encouraged to visit MWDOC’s website at www.mwdoc.com to learn more about the program and to obtain teacher’s kits for the classes. To schedule a class, call (714) 913-5012.

Water Conservation Poster Contest

Each year, Anaheim Public Utilities hosts the annual water conservation poster contest as part of the celebration of May as Water Awareness Month in California. 1st through 8th-graders are invited to create colorful posters depicting key water conservation messages. These young artists get the opportunity to communicate the importance of saving water - our most precious resource - through the posters they enter in this contest. Three winners are selected from each grade level. The winning posters are displayed in the lobby of Anaheim West Tower and trophies are presented at a ceremony prior to an Anaheim Angels baseball game. Congratulations to all of the winners and participants for their great ideas and creative execution! . 

Passport to Public Power Week

Every October, as part of the celebration of Public Power Week, local elementary school students are invited to come learn about Anaheim Public Utilities’ role in providing energy to their schools and homes. Students receive a Passport to Public Power Week and receive stamps at the different stations where they get interactive lessons from staff about electricity, including safety and conservation tips. Once they visit all of the stations, students submit their stamped passport to receive a prize bag full of fun and educational materials. Students also have the opportunity to take a ride on the very popular bucket trucks. For more information, call (714) 765-4252. 

EnLIGHTenment Anaheim LED Fundraiser

Through the EnLIGHTenment Anaheim LED Fundraiser, Anaheim Public Utilities donates LED bulbs to Anaheim schools for students to sell and raise funds for educational field trips or classroom materials. This opportunity teaches students about the latest LED lighting technology, which uses significantly less energy and last-longer. By selling these LED bulbs, students encourage friends and family to transition into using these energy-saving bulbs, all the while raising money for their classrooms. For more information, call (714) 765-4250.

Inside the Outdoors

The Inside the Outdoors (ITO) program provides Anaheim students, grades 3rd through 6th, with the unique opportunity to participate in a hands-on classroom style outdoor lab to explore the water cycle and environmental issues related to water. These hands on lab activities can also be brought to schools through ITO’s Traveling Scientist program which provides mobile education focused on water conservation. Students, teachers, parents, and the community are empowered to explore natural preserves and expand their knowledge, understanding and stewardship of the environment. For more information, call (714) 765-4250.

The Energy Coalition
The Energy Coalition (TEC) provides Anaheim students, grades 3rd through 6th, the opportunity to explore energy and water use in the home and understand the larger environmental issues related to electricity and the water/energy nexus, through science based (STEM) curricula. TEC promotes the Department’s energy and water conservation efforts for grades 7th through 12th as well, through outreach and delivery of program materials, including a competition for sustainability surveys and student essays. TEC also works with Anaheim high schools and junior high schools on the planning and implementation of drought tolerant California friendly demonstration gardens. For more information, call (714) 765-4250.

Anaheim Schools Aerator Replacement Rebate Program

The Anaheim Schools Aerator Replacement Rebate Program provides an opportunity for students to be actively involved in a project that produces water and energy savings at their very own schools… with a really fast payback! This simple and inexpensive retrofit program provides rebates to schools that purchase and install high-efficiency faucet aerators on their campuses (0.5 gpm or less). Schools can receive up to $5.00 per aerator or 50% of the total unit cost (whichever is less) and students get to literally see the value of conservation. Anaheim Public Utilities will also team up with facility managers, educators, and students to develop an educational tool for their resource efficiency upgrade. For more information, please contact us at 714-765-4250

Anaheim Schools participating in this program can benefit by:

  • Decreasing excessive water consumption in schools
  • Receiving financial incentives to replace inefficient aerators with more efficient models
  • Educating students on the importance of water conservation by demonstrating the difference between inefficient and efficient aerators
  • Having students take an active role in identifying and quantifying the water savings potential by replacing inefficient faucet aerators on their own campuses
  • Encouraging students to promote sustainability in their personal lives and in their communities