Library Behavior Guidelines

The library welcomes children and is dedicated to providing quality resources for reading and learning. Because it is a public place, the library cannot ensure the safety of unattended children. It is not a substitute for after-school or daycare programs. The following guidelines support both child safety and a pleasant library atmosphere:
  • Children must be picked up before the library closes. Parents/care providers should confirm service hours before dropping a child off at any library branch. Unattended children under 14 years of age cannot be left outside a closed site, and maybe referred to the police.
  • It is not safe for children 9 years of age or under to be left unattended in the library. A parent or care provider (14 years of age or older) must accompany and be responsible for young children. Children ages 6 to 9 must know where their parent is within the building. Children 5 years and under must be within sight of a parent at all times.
  • Quiet and considerate behavior is expected in the library. Behavior Guidelines are posted in the library. If a child is disruptive, our staff will inform the child or the parent/care provider of the behavior violation. Disruptive behavior includes loud talking and persistent crying. If that behavior does not change, the child and/or parent/care provider may be directed to leave the library. Repeated disruptive behavior may result in library privileges being revoked.
Thank you for observing these guidelines.